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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Liberating a 3.579 Rock in a Home Depot Parking Lot


I think Ben should give that crystal another chance.  It may still be working on 3579.  But in any case, for the quick thinking and dedication to the cause displayed in that Home Depot parking lot, I hereby award Ben KK6FUT the Brass Figlagee medal.   (Who can tell us the origin of that prestigious award?) 

Hi guys, thought I’d share my story about two free toilets, Home Depot, the record breaking rainfall, and my failed attempt to join the Colorburst Liberation Army.
The short version, is our local water company gave away free low flow toilets today, and in my process of (absolutely failing) to install them at home (give me solder over plumbing any time!!) ran to Home Depot for some parts.
In the parking lot, someone had smashed a television set, and I suddenly recalled your story about how old televisions use 3.579Mhz crystals!!
I jumped out of my car, and immediately spotted and “liberated” the crystal above! I pulled it from the TV while in the middle of the parking lot...
However, it appears the rain the TV had been subject to in the last few days (or maybe the smashing) changed the crystal in question somewhere in the range of 10.2Mhz to 10.4Mhz... So no go! But an amusing adventure anyway, and I do have a random 10.4Mhz crystal to show for it.

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