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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

VK5FJ's Open SDR Rig (Arduino and SI5351)

Morning OM's,

I've amassed the parts for my 12v Regen Rx inspired by a projects from VK3YE and an audio amp, using a pair of 12AU7's. I'll publish more about that soon on my blog.

In the mean time, I'd like to thank you guys for inspiration on the si5351 VFO in use with various projects.  After we found the first articles by NT7S, we discussed that there are a lot of possibilities.

I've just finished my build of an Arduino controlled SDR transceiver prototype using the Si5351A.

See attached images. Lots of collaboration with Mark VK5QI and David VK5DGR. More at; http://openradio.net.au/index.php/OpenRadio_SDR

This week I'm tinkering with the LPF for 20meters. Puts out a whopping 20mW.

Everything is on schedule for the presentation using this SDR at Linux.Conf.Au next year. Got some coding to do to add I&Q for the SDR side over the summer break.

72, Kim VK5FJ

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