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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Midwest Mighty Mite from KK0S

Wow, beautiful job Bruce.  I was hoping that a check of the Reverse Beacon Network would reveal that someone had heard you, but no joy.  Keep at it.  You may become the first CLA member in this round to make a contact.  

Bill - 
Hello from the Midwest chapter of the CLA.  Here's pix of my just completed Michigan Mighty Mite.  Nothing was purchased specifically for this project.  It was put together using only parts already on hand.  The only previously unused parts were the front panel sockets and one resistor.  The rig uses a 2N2219A transistor salvaged from a junked industrial control board and a color burst crystal that actually first oscillated in a tube-type color TV some 40 years ago.  Loading into my ground-mounted vertical, this MMM seems to be most stable at a draw of 87ma at 12.6 volts.  The arithmetic seems to work out at somewhere around 650mw into the ether.  I called for about half an hour around 2300Z, but got no takers... it was still pretty early for 80m and I had an extremely high local noise level.  The rig seems to run about 1khz high. I'll give it another go this weekend. 
72 - Bruce - KK0S.

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  1. Congratulations Bruce! Really nice implementation!

    Pete N6QW


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