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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Lots of progress over the long weekend.  Along the back you can see the three stages of the RF amplifier chain:  2N3904, 2N2218A, IRF510. I intend to add inter-stage shielding, and one long shield between the chain and the rest of the rig.   Front and center is the Si5351 board (code by LA3PNA).  Mic amp (which gave me a lot of trouble!) is to the right of the Si5351.   AF (RX) amp is to the left (2N3904 and LM386).  The big board in the center has the three Termination Insensitive Amplifiers (thanks Wes and Bob), the 9 MHz filter (thanks Steve Smith!) and the two SBL-1 mixers (thanks to Pete Juliano for the "mil-pad " boards).  And thanks to Farhan for the overall BITX concept and the TIA suggestion.  
In the upper right you will see where the plug-in low-pass filter will plug in (a better picture appears below).   I will use a similar plug-in for the band-pass filter.   Combined with the BFO/VFO flexibility of the Si5351, this plug in feature should allow me to cover many bands with this rig.    

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  1. Bill, tell us more about your mic amplifier problem and what solutions you came to. It might help others and me who are doing similar projects and are having mic amp problems.


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