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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

National RF

Pete and I both spotted the ads in QST for this company and their little HF receiver.  In the finest tradition of Tuna Tins and Herring Aids, that receiver is in a SPAM can.   FB. 
I visited the company's web site this morning.  Lots of great stuff!   They are based in San Diego.  Who are the radio wizards behind this effort? 

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  1. Hey Pete/Bill, we can arduino/si5150 this thing cant we?????

  2. Pretty expensive, almost $200 for a single conversion receiver with 455KHz ceramic filter. Ramsey used to sell one, maybe still does, for much less.

    Sampling other items they sell, the prices stay high. I'm not sure these are things that deserve high prices. That receiver seems entry level, and doesn't even include a cabinet. Scrounging parts, something like it could be had for very little.

    If they were pieces of exotic equipment, or advanced, or using special parts, that's different. But a beginner level kit shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, they should let someone get started, with advances later.

    That's one reason Heathkit shut down 20 years ago, they priced themselves out of the market.


  3. Hi Bill,
    Yes, Gulp, it does appear a bit expensive. My 1st thoughts were to add a 3 or 4 pole crystal filter with a Pro-Mini driving a Si5351and an 8X2 LCD. That should fit in the potted meat can along with an SMD versions of the TIA and ADE1-L's. Now we are really cooking. Then in a second potted meat can would be a slave Tx that uses the LO and BFO from the Rx so that you could have an add on Tx for use as a SSB or CW transceiver. If I could build a 20M SSB transceiver in a space 2"X2"X4" -- two potted meat can should be a piece of cake. See www.n6qw.com


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