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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sage Advice on Homebrewing from WA3EIB

Bill, Pete,
Thanks for the sage advice.
You are absolutely right, I should stick to the plan and finish the project before tromping off in a different direction.
Anytime I've ever changed designs before I have completed a task, usually results in something far less than expected.
The real joy is completing a project and looking back at what was accomplished.
My own personal goals for the Minima Transceiver Construction include...
1. Build it from SCRATCH - Manhattan Style.
2. Start with modular construction - so that each circuit can be tested, troubleshot and modified in the future.
3. SMA connectors and coax to every stage so, I can divide and conquer the function of all modules.
4. Document the entire journey so I can actually see where my learning's took me.
5. Provide myself, a basic building block for future transceiver construction and designs.
6. Improve my skills, techniques and knowledge through my mistakes and understandings. 
7. Learn to SLOW DOWN, study, plan and write, in my own words, what the circuit(s) do and how they function.
8. Be a mentor to others and share what I have learned.
9. Be more of an Amateur Radio Experimenter and less of a Ham Radio Operator.
10. Continue to dream and design.
Each day should be NEW and EXCITING. There should be a thrill in every step of the way, even in the midst of failures.
Thank you both for taking the time to respond.
Thanks for the encouragement and sharing what happens on your own bench.
Harv -=WA3EIB=-


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