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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

German Mighty Mite works Venice on 40 (video)

In spite of being a bit off frequency, sTef,  DL1FDF (aka VY1QRP) has been inducted into the Color Burst Liberation Army.  Congratulations sTef!  Normally we would requite operation on 3.579 MHz, but sTef has been granted special dispensation because 1) he doesn't have a 3.579 MHz rock, 2) our stock of this crystal has been depleted, and 3) he actually made a contact with this rig, working II3ICZ in Venice.  FB sTef.  If anyone has a color burst crystal for sTef, please let us know.    

sTef writes:

I would like to say „Thanks" to both of you for your ongoing inspirations in soldering and homebrewing.  After 15 years out of ham radio it were you two guys who got me back into the world of -> SOLDERSMOKE. Thanks for that.And belive me been away for 15 years and now getting back into it feels a sometimes a little bit too "digital“ …. ARDUINO or NOT TO ARDUINO ? This is the question….
So what could be more sophisticating than having a MMM ready on the work bench and answering a CQ call on 40m with that thing and be heard. 
Yes, the first QSO today with my MMM was for you both.
I worked the Italian Radio Station II3ICZ. I was 559 into Venice with 0.5 watts from the MMM into my full-size triple leg for 40m.

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