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Monday, March 14, 2016

HEAVY METAL! How to Handle HEAVY Boatanchors -- And Which is Heavier: R390 or DX-100?


I was on 40 AM today and I mentioned to the guys your thoughts about the possible need for a block and tackle and a metal beam in your shack roof to help you deal with your R-390A.  They sympathized completely.  One fellow claimed he knows hams who are working out with weights just so they can handle their boatanchors.  Another guy said he is thinking of building a small crane, perhaps powered by his chain saw (yikes!).  A third fellow said he actually bought a thing called a "lifting table" from Harbor Freight.  

This got me to thinking:  How much do those R-390s really weigh? 

A MERE 85 pounds!  That's it?  Holy cow, the DX-100 has a listed shipping weight of 120 pounds!

73  Bill  


Nice thing about a “regular” boat anchor (DX100, HT37, SX101, etc.) is that you can put it on its side and get fairly easy access to both sides, and all the components at once.  The problem with the R390 (and a lot of Collins military gear) is Collins worked hard to cram so much in a “small” space that you have to take whole sections apart to get at anything.  So you have to “flip” the chassis over, side, over, on its back, etc.  UGH.  To get at the RF front end components, you gotta take the front panel off before you can remove the RF chassis.  UGH

I know about the lifting table from harbor freight.  A really nice shack accessory.  Puts the rig at a better height to work on.  With a “lazy susan” thing on top, a nice arrangement!   Maybe next Christmas.

73, TA2ZGE

TA2ZGE - Ankara, Turkey
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