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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Winterfest Hamfest with Armand WA1UQO

 I had a great time at the Vienna Wireless Society's  Winterfest Hamfest.  As I have done for several years now, I joined forces with Armand, WA1UQO. A prediction of cold rain caused many of the tailgaters to stay home, but there was still a lot of good stuff to be found at the 'fest.  I came home with a large stock of potentiometers, a 130 foot doublet with open wire line, TWO copies of SSDRA (one given to me by Armand) and various other bits and bobs (including some Cadmium Sulphide light sensitive resistors....)   I successfully resisted the siren calls of several old Hallicrafters receivers.  After the 'fest Armand came with me for a visit to SolderSmoke HQ.   Armand always brings along some part to be used to help members of the International Brotherhood in their radio endeavors.  This year, that included several 80 meter crystals suitable for Michigan Mighty Mites and the ColorBurst Liberation Army.  Thanks Armand!  And thanks to the Vienna Wireless Society.  

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