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Thursday, November 24, 2016

HB2HB: Butch K0BS with a KWM2 and a Hombrew 4-1000 Amp

Wow!  Now THAT is a shack! This morning I heard Butch K0BS and his friends on 40 meter SSB.  I knew I was listening to the voices of kindred spirits when I heard them talk about a drifting VFO and the need to heat up the filaments of an ART-13.   As the group was shutting down to begin their preparations for Thanksgiving dinners, I gave Bruce a call with my BITX 40 Module. He was on a KWM-2 (the rig that had been drifting a bit) and a homebrew 4-1000 amplifier.  I told him that I think a bit of VFO drift is a sign of good character. 

You really need to check out the pictures on Bruce's QRZ.com page:  


Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating the holiday.


  1. Would anyone offer advice on best practice in using ladder line? How to run the cable etc etc. Might be a good topic for a soldersmoke episode?

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of drift. I agree, I have been using the Bitx 40m quite a bit, 100% bog stock, so it drifts, a lot.

    Call in to the odd net, or someone calling CQ, and often get the:

    Them: Sorry OM your audio is distorted.

    ME: No mate I am just a little off frequency, try using your RIT

    THEM: Whats RIT?

    ME: Shakes head in wonderment, moves the vfo a little and talk again.

    THEM: oh thats better how did you fix it?

    I find it rather interesting, that many very experienced advanced operators do not know the difference between distortion and frequency shift. I guess my audio is lacking Sparkles and Polish due to the lack of zero oxygen copper used in the system HAHAHAH


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