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Sunday, November 6, 2016

SolderSmoke Podcast #191 RIGS! REAL RIGS!, BITX40 Module, EMRFD, MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #191 is available:


TRAVELOGUE AND FAMILY DOINGS:   Pete son's wedding, Billy's Birthday, Gonzalo safely home in the Dominican Republic, MORE BEARS IN THE SHENANDOAH WOODS

BIG NEWS:  EMRFD LIVES ON!   Three cheers for Wes and for Tom Gallagher of the ARRL.


PETE:   FPM Rig.  Some Halli history.  A TRUE RIG!  Working Japan. 
             WITH 600 WATT LINEAR AMPLIFIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
               New FEELTECH  Sig Gen.  

BILL: Farhan's BITX Module
           Built to Mod, built to get you started in homebrew
           Very impressive.  BITX in miniature.  But completely recognizable.
           REMARKABLY stable.
           Farhan personally checking each one.
           Ladies collective doing toroids.  DONATION money bought them some Diwali candies!
           VFO Drift:  Will NP0 SMD caps and lower current help enough?
           My Analog VFO -- BANDSWEEP

QRPppppppppppp  with REX's Hamfest Buddy.   Thanks Rex and Bob Crane.

HB2HB with KW4KD

Jan's Netherland Mate Mighty Midget
Charlie's Kiwi DSB
Steve, Donald Fagan, and Jean Shepherd
Rob VK5RC repairs Tek Tube 'scopes
Colin M1BUU Si5351 superhet
Denis Klipa and NRL 3538
Jonathan M0JGH Wizard of Wimbledon Matchbox rig
JH8SST Simpleceiver
Peter Parker Vk3YE Reviews Book
Peter GW4ZUA Welsh LBS
Michael Rainey helping hobbyist in Germany with tuning forks.


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  2. How Farhan can keep up with all the orders for the Bitx40 after your podcast. I know I ordered one right after I heard it was available in the US. Was looking for the right rig to get me into semi homebrew. Thanks for everything you do. You and Pete are doing things FB
    Walter AJ4UM

  3. Great episode as always! Just ordered a BITX40 myself. 73, LB0MG


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