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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Discrete Dead-Bug O'scope Pong

Thanks to Bent KD0GLS for alerting us to this excellent example of the awesome power of discrete transistors and dead--bug construction.
Check it out.  There is a video.


  1. I wouldn't like to wire it.

    How do they get all that in a chip?

  2. And so the future of Contesting was born. Only one station can have the QSO contact point where both stations take up Ping Pong contest - winner takes the point. Stations must now go for minimal latency removing the need for a 599 signal report - if you can't play the game the signal wasn't strong enough and the SDR's handle the game play in Simplex mode. Paddle control is returned to the other station on completion of a confirmed ball hit...otherwise the point is given. It might have worked as an April fools, but I bet someone will make it a reality now.

  3. Dead bug pong, i think that is a kind of stink bug.


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