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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Video (Audio) of N2CQR (me) on 40 Meters with BITX DIGI-TIA

This was the icing on the cake.  Ruben AC2RJ up in New York was monitoring as I called CQ with my BITX Digi-Tia last night on 40 meters.  He recorded the contacts that ensued.  I was really glad that he recorded VE3XBO describing his experiences with a BITX 40 Module at his local radio club -- The WAX Group of the Barrie Radio Club in Ontario. 

Farhan's module is really starting to show up more often on the band. On the 19th of April I talked to Bruce KC1FSZ -- he was on his Peppermint Bark BITX 40.  And on March 30 I talked to Josh KE8CPD on his BITX 40.

Click on the arrow (above) to listen to Ruben's recording.  Ruben has a nice YouTube channel here:

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