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Saturday, March 24, 2018

SolderSmoke Podcast #203 Winter, Transceivers, Antennas, DC RX, uBITX, Mixers, 'fests, MAILBAG

N6QW in 1959. Building an SSB transceiver
SolderSmoke Pocast #203 is (FINALLY!) available: 


24 March 2018

--The reasons for our delay. 
Winter, Computers, College, Family Trees, Lawyers....

-- Winterfest 2018 
-- Pete launches 2018    THE YEAR OF THE TRANSCEIVER
-- SDR -  Satan's Digital Radio?  
-- Direct Conversion Receiver Projects
-- Mixer Musings 
-- A Thailand Troubleshoot 
-- Nor'Easter knocks out Bill's Moxon -- An appliance replacement? 
-- Homebrew Electret Mics.  Seriously.  
-- uBITX Build with Rogier
-- Civilized Crystal Testing
-- Baofeng! 

N6ORS's SDR rig
Mike Rainey's DX-100


  1. Pete, Look into LibreOffice / OpenOffice as an alternative to Microsoft. You will never have to rent open source software. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. etc. Other open source software is available for video editing also.

    Mike (AB1YK)

  2. I second LibreOffice, and want pics of Bills air variables!!! Ed KC8SBV

  3. Another great show!

    Windows 10 dystopia... I just got a new Win10 machine... What a mess. Luckily not to the depths Pete is addressing.

    I had to look up that dragnet episode. What a hoot.

    If I may here is a link to listen to it: https://youtu.be/fgTyfwuhThU


    Hope the blog isn't taken down and y'all are back next month.

  4. And, if you're looking into (either) LibreOffice or OpenOffice - please consider Ubuntu (or some other distribution of) Linux. Ubuntu has a really nice desktop and there are lots of apps.
    I've moved nearly completely off Windows 7. When the last support of Win7 ends (January 2020), so will my association with Windows.


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