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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Yet Another Household Item Useful to Homebrewers: Toilet Bowl Cleaner for PC Board Fabrication


We have already been using Desitin ointment for heat sink compound, kitchen breadboards for radio breadboards, Scotchbrite pads for polishing, nail polish varnish for toroidal core coating and Olive oil as a field-expedient lubricant. (Am I forgetting anything?)   But I must say I was a bit taken aback by KV4QB's mention of his innovative use of the dilute hydrochloric acid in toilet bowl cleaners in his PC board fabrication process.   Good one DuWayne!   Eric Guth went the extra mile be suggesting a recycling of the liquid. 

This was a really interesting QSO Today interview.  Listen here: 

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  1. Hey Bill and Pete, thanks for the most recent podcast. Brilliant as usual and worth the (small) wait. I hope ye're all keeping well and have a good Easter. I still have to get a few things done here at the shack but I will let you chaps know the results in due course. May the Radio Gods continue to shine on you. 73, Tryg de EI7CLB


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