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Thursday, May 24, 2018

An Epic Evening on 40 Meters

I had a good night on 40 meters last night.   The Radio Gods were obviously with me.  

First I called CQ and VP2EIH on Anguilla responded.  Nice to start with a whiff of DX.  

Then Jason W5IPA called in and said he wanted to try out his uBITX! See the pictures below.  FB!  

Then I got a call from K5WDW on Hilton Head Island -- Dexter runs Collins gear from an ocean-front shack (see above).  Check out his QRZ page.  

Then WA4PUB called in.  Dave has been on the air since 1948 and was a student of legendary ham and radio astronomer John Kraus.  Dave has directional antennas on 40 -- when he switched the pattern he went from LOUD to barely detectable.  FB.  Check out Dave's homebrew rig below. 

Finally Gary W7DO joined us.  He has a big 4 Square on 40 that also has some really impressive directional properties.  See below for a look at his 80 meter 4 Square. 


W7DO 80 meter 4 Square


  1. Wow, the view from K5WDW's operating position is stunning! The S-Line doesn't look bad, either.

  2. Hey, the library thing is very important. The thing to do is to learn how to use libraries using the Arduino site. And, use different names for your libraries and change the "include" library name . AND, learn how to use ZIP libraries. It would take you 1/2 hour using the Arduino instructions. YOU CAN DO IT, and it will make it possible to compile without that "library" file error . I just did it, no knowing that that is how you include libraries, you have to use the Arduino method, you can't just put the library in the same folder.

    1. And, if you order now, you'll get the uBITX R4 with a discrete component audio section and a AGC added is an IF version. And A few other things, but I haven't printed out the schematic yet so to easily compare. Sounds better though. No pops anymore. These are all things that couldn't be handled with software.


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