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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Youngest Homebrew Hero: 17 year-old Sam Zeelof Makes His Own Integrated Circuits

Seventeen year-old Sam Zeelof, KD2ENL, is making his own integrated circuits in his garage. 

Wow.  This makes me think about another seventeen year-old -- the fellow who appears on pages 63-64 of Cliff DeSoto's "200 Meters and Down." (I have the story on page 81 of "SolderSmoke -- Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics.")   In the early days of radio that kid amazed us by making his own vacuum tubes.  Sam Zeelof is clearly following in that tradition. 

No "mysterious black boxes" for Sam!  No "appliance chips" for him!  FB OM.  

This is really amazing.  Here are the links: 


One of Sam's chips
Thanks to Bruce KC1FSZ for alerting us to this amazing work. 


  1. Great Sarnoff's Ghost!

    I absolutely love that he's doing this purely for the fun of it. It gives me hope that the Knack will survive long after we're all gone.

  2. Sam's youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/szeloof/videos) has some great videos showing how to make mosfets, and a tour of his home chip lab). Amazing stuff.


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