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Saturday, May 5, 2018

SolderSmoke Podcast #204 April 1, SPRAT Cover 2, uBITX mania, MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #204 is available! 


5 May 2018

April 1 Recap -- We thank you for your support! 

Pete's Rig on Cover of SPRAT 174 

uBITX Mania

uBITX Dual Conversion Design

uBITX Gettng more out of the Arduino/Si5351 combo

uBITX KD8CEC's amazing software

uBITX Future Possibilities

uBITX On-the-Air Experiences, with CW too! 


KD8CGH's Hyderabox -- THERE ARE TWO! 
QSO with N1AW's cardboard uBITX
DuWayne on QSO TODAY
Jack 5R8SV -- Radio Gods NOT Happy
Jack Purdum W8TEE -- Thanks OM
Charles AI4OT
Chris KB4PBT 15 inch telescope
John WJ0NF Reading SolderSmoke
Ken W8KTP Ordering a uBITX 
Darren KG7KOI  Listening
Gary AK4NA  New Word:  "Cabinetize" FB OM! 


  1. Great show, OMs! It’s been a long while since I got to listen to SolderSmoke, aka FluxU, lol. Ordered my microbitx while listening. Do you have a link for the cigar box enclosure? 73 DE N3JIM in California

  2. Bill, I like your box with thr PCB panels they make it easy the modify and customize. Are those 1/4 inch jacks I see? Listening to the podcast during my limited drive time. I always look forward to your next one.
    Skip NC9O

  3. Welcome to Flux U guys! Here is the link to the wood box I've been using: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YQEMHW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  4. Skip: Yea, I use 1/4 jacks and plugs a lot. I have those plugs on my mics and keys and some of the speakers, so I went with those. Bill

  5. Hey Bill, you guys mentioned an Amazon shopping link in the episode. I can see the text "Help SolderSmoke! Shop Amazon Starting Here:", but no link or URL.

  6. Jim: Just use the search box in the Amazon ad on the upper right of our blog to search for the item you need. That will lead to to the item on Amazon. We will then get the kickback! Thanks.


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