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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Farhan's Satellite

Latest news:

The launch is set for November 24, 2018 from California.  It will be in a polar orbit.  The beacon will be on 145.90 MHz.   Farhan says an RTL-SDR Dongle should do the trick.  I plan on building several receive systems and an appropriate antenna. 




I don't think Farhan's group is connected to this group, but this short video does a nice job of explaining the potential of CubeSats.

Hi my friend's information to all about a man's " A DREAM COME'S TRUE " in " VU " LAND with his hard work & to the whole team.. we can say ......FANTASTIC ..... no other words to express from my side but i ENVY on their hard work's.. hi hi .de vu3yfd,prasad
IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination
List of Sats formally submitted
ExseedSat Updated: 10 Aug 2018 Responsible
Operator Ashar Farhan VU2ESE
Supporting Organisation Exseed Space Innovations Pvt Ltd
Contact Person afarhan@gmail.com.nospam
Headline Details: The ExseedSat is a 1U cubesat that will provide a multifunction UHF/VHF NBFM amateur communication satellite. It will have various configurable modes, including: • UHF to VHF, single channel, narrow band FM transponder with CTCSS, 67 Hz squelch • Power output selectable between 1 watt and 0.5 watt • Digipeat feature with APRS on UHF uplink nd VHF downlink • Melody mode : It will play a simple melody of a few notes on special occasions or events. This will interest students outreach. • We expect this satellite to have a life of two years, depending upon how long the battery lasts and when the satellite de-orbits naturally. Planning a SpaceX launch from Vandenberg in October 2018 **The request has now been updated to include only a U/V transponder/digipeater** **The following frequencies have been coordinated: 145.900 MHz for repeater and digipeater downlink and for telemetry and 435.340 MHz for repeater and digipeater uplink**
Application Date: 19 Jul 2018 Freq coordination completed on 10 Aug 2018
Read The Hindu story at https://www.thehindu.com/…/odisha-man-t…/article24963338.ece
Gurudatta Panda VU3GDP http://gurudattabam.blogspot.com/
Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE http://hfsignals.blogspot.com/
Tnx cu agn de vu3yfd,prasad


  1. Far out, Farhan! The very best of wishes for you, the team and the entire venture!
    Dex, ZL2DEX

  2. My satellite antennas will be ready to receive your signals Farhan. Best of luck and best 73.

  3. All the best to Farhan and team!!! Waiting for the launch and ready with my antenna!!!

  4. Great! All the best to Farhan and team!!!

  5. Congratulations & Good Luck Dear Farhan & team, I shall be eagerly waiting to have qso through this new bird.
    Rajesh Vagadia VU2EXP
    Rajkot - Gujarat

  6. Congratulations Farhan

  7. Congratulations Farhan and team

  8. Congratulations and many thanks for your enormous contribution for the Ham Radio community around the world.

  9. Congrats Farhan good job
    My hearty wishes for your vission amd mission
    Good luck

  10. Congratulations Farhan: Is it possible to build satellites which monitor and control Floods/ Tornadoes to bring Normal weather in Flood/Tornado regions.....??? De VU3WDJ Lucky Indian Railways Bangalore


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