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Sunday, September 2, 2018


SolderSmoke Podcast #206 is now available: 


-- SolderSmoke resumes after a busy summer.

-- We did a portion of #206 via Skype at the GQRP Convention.  Thanks to Steve G0FUW for setting this up.  A portion of our participation appears at the end of the podcast. 

-- Pete's SDR Rig and his new involvement with WSPR and FT-8

-- The allure of SDR and the pitfalls of complexity. 

-- Bill's 135 foot Doublet, 75 AM, 60 USB and 30 Meter CW. 

-- Plans to change the IF of Bill's HRO dial receiver. 

-- Thinking (again) about sold stateing the HW-101. 

--  Hans Summers, QCX and QSX rigs.  


Ralph builds Pete's LBS receiver.  FB!  


  1. Guys thanks for the mention. I'll get back to working on the LBSp1 over the Monday holiday. Rest of the week I will doing solo caregiver duties for my mom while the XYL will be attending to hers. I need to be like Pete and squeeze in those 15 minute sessions. My problem is it takes me 15 minutes to find my reading glasses!

  2. To Hairy Potah's Tin Whiskers and the Noxious Fumes of Fulgurating Rosins*

    *(unactivated, activated and/or patially activated [+/- Halogen Free!])

    The insulation alters the capacitance at the surface of the amtenna wire which changes the velocity factor emough that the length requires adjustment.

    Or something like that.

    I think....

    anyhow, it kinda sounds plausible

  3. Bill and Pete
    What a coincidence; while listening to Pete suggesting that you should use an Arduino and stepper for your antenna tuner, I had a variable capacitor in one hand and a stepping motor in the other, trying to work out how to mate the two together to build my antenna tuner.
    Although making it fully automatic would probably be easier my intention is to have a remote link using an Arduino to control the position of the capacitor and switch the relays for the coil taps.
    72 de Steve M0KOV

  4. Is a new GQRP Circuit Handbook being published? The one here is from 74-82


    73 Ed KC8SBV

  5. Pete mentioned why use a LCD display. I have an answer. I use a lot of HB rigs outside, i.e. SOTA, picnics, just for fun. It is hard to beat an LCD display out in the direct sun. Often the places I go I have little to no shade, and the eyes are getting weaker. LCD works very well

  6. Come on Bill, your Tuna tin Two transmitter is less than a watt, you been there and done that!!


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