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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Pete's New Sudden Transceiver

Check it out!  Note the Juli-yellow front panel color.   Featuring FT-8 and WSPR capability.  Go Pete! 



  1. Wow what a cool transceiver Pete! I can’t wait to see the writeup in Sprat. The display and Juliano Yellow (not blue??) adds to the coolness factor.
    By the way I blame Soldersmoke for the increase in price of EBay AD9850 boards ����. Wow! Last time I bought one it was $5 and now I’m seeing them for $20 or $30. I’m glad I got some of Jason’s Si5351 boards before they turn into a unit of currency too.
    I did manage to get a pristine copy of Solid State Design last month at the Huntsville Hamfest for $15.

    Chris Waldrup

  2. Pete
    The new rig looks great, I look forward to reading about it when my copy of sprat drops through the letter box.

    73 Steve M0KOV

  3. Way to go Chris, great book!! I bought one at a ham radio store back when we had one! Long time ago...

    Ed KC8SBV


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