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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Dean KK4DAS Puts Michigan Mighty Mite on the air! And is heard in Falls Church, Virginia! (video)

QRZ.com says we are 5.9 miles away.   The U.S. Postal Service almost prevented this from happening -- they objected to my just putting the crystal in an envelope and mailing it.  Dean's wife had to pay postage due.   

The rig didn't work at first, but Pete N6QW provided sage advice and tribal knowledge.  Adjustments were made and Dean experienced the Joy of Oscillation.  Then, he connected an antenna and was heard at the SolderSmoke East Coast HQ. 

Obviously the beret was the key to Dean's success: 

This was a lot of fun.   And it is a reminder of the power of the MMM.   Dust off those Mighty Mites!  Call CQ and see if you can be picked up by the Reverse Beacon Network.  Let us know if you succeed.   
Getting ready

Done!  Dean's MMM


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  2. TRGHS and are smiling from ear to ear!

  3. Thanks Bill and Pete - you are awesome Elmers - really cool to hear the dits and dahs from the little rig getting out over the air! Looking forward to doing more homebrewing - need an excuse to rock the beret! -73 KK4DAS

  4. You guys put fun into Ham Radio! Great job!!

    Ed KC8SBV


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