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Sunday, December 29, 2019

KK4DAS Michigan Mighty Mite Heard by WEB SDRs -- CBLA Mobilized!

Dean KK4DAS continues to do great things with his Michigan Mighty Mite.  He has been calling CQ on the Color Burst Liberation Army (CBLA) frequency of 3579 kHz.  I think I was the first one to hear him, but since that memorable moment he has been picked up by multiple Web SDR receivers, including the one at Penn State (PETE JULIANO'S ALMA MATER!)  (screen shot above, listen by clicking URL below).  He has also been heard by Web SDRs in Concord Mass,  Newport News Va, and Cleveland, Ohio.  FB Dean.  

So come on folks -- this is a mobilization call for the CBLA!  Get those MMMs on the air.  Send us reports and recordings from Web SDRs or the RBN. 

Listen to Dean's MMM as received at the Penn State Web SDR: 

It sounds great!  And nice CW Dean!  


  1. Dean's MMM rig has a good, clean sound. No chirping, no clicks. Easy copy. A "rock solid" signal. (Hi Hi) Bruce - KK0S

  2. You guys at Solder Smoke may be venerable, but I'm proud to be part of the Amateur Radio Newsline staff, which is right up there with you. We're on episode 2200 currently.
    Thanks for carrying on... your shows are quite informative and entertaining.

  3. I have to second Bruce's comments; I wish my MMM sounded that good! 73 de N8NM


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