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Saturday, December 7, 2019

VK3HN's Inspirational AM Receiver (video)

I'm always delighted when I check the SolderSmoke blog and YouTube list (right hand column of the blog) and find a new post from Paul VK3HN.  And this morning's post is especially good. 

Paul has built an AM receiver. Above you can see his video.  Here is his blog post with details: 

This is the kind of blog post that makes you want to heat up the soldering iron and start searching through the junk box.  I'm thinking about putting Paul's 6 kHz filter in my 40 meter HRO-ish receiver.  And I may make use of his AM detector circuit.  And maybe I can put that same receiver on 75 and 160... And then there are the SW broadcast bands... See what I mean?  

Thanks Paul.  73  


  1. Thanks for the mention Bill, happy that it had that effect on you! Paul VK3HN.

  2. 10 kc (oops - kHz) Murata ceramic filters headed your way. Maybe you can put them to good "ham radio" use. Merry Christmas - a few days late. Bruce - KK0S


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