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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Antennas, Money, and Ham Psychology

During SolderSmoke Podcast #222, Pete lamented the fact that many hams are willing to spend significant amounts of money on "manufactured" dipole antennas that are little more than pieces of wire.  Tony Fishpool G4WIF sent a graphic on the wire antenna he uses (see above).  He also shared an anecdote about G5RV antennas and G-QRP Club founder George Dobbs:  

From Tony: 

The aerial that I’ve had so much fun with, an End Fed Half Wave, cost me £8 ($9.80) for the toroid and the rest came from the junk box. The reel of wire was probably a £1  ($1.25) from a radio rally. You never pay big money for wire at a rally. People take it there to get rid of

It covers 80m and all  harmonically related bands.
My garden is too small so I cheated by using some linear loading to
make it fit. (on the back fence).

WIth 5 watts CW on 40m I can hit the USA reverse beacons most mornings.

It was about £9 ($11) to make - but if you count the Spiderbeam

12m pole, it  was another £98 ($120).

I have a little George Dobbs story relating to aerials. Probably around
15-20 years ago. He was speaking at a radio club near to me so I went along to support
 him and have a beer with afterward.

He gave his usual entertaining (and always funny) talk during which he
paused - and said, as if in confidence to the audience:

“Do you know, I’ve heard, and I don’t know if it is true, that there are
people who actually pay real money for a pre-made G5RV”

I swear that it went very quiet and there may even have been the odd foot
shuffled.    Tony

Coincidentally Mike, WU2D put out a VERY ILLUMINATING YouTube video on the psychological aspects of ham radio operators and their antennas.  Here it is:

And, speaking of antennas and ham psychology this image has been circulating on the internet.  Mike WU2D included it in his video, so -- for information purposes only -- I include it here.  I blame Mike. 

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  1. Doesn't everyone have a babe in stocking around to enthusiastically help put up the new (homebuilt) antenna? At least I used to when skirts were in fashion. No big deal.


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