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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Bill Meara Graduates with Honors from James Madison University

Deep thoughts where Faraday lectured
He has been part of the podcast and blog since the beginning: Camera kites, video rockets and crystal radios.  Drones and exploding corn starch.  The Trivial Electric Motor.  Visits to Faraday's lab and Marconi's house.  Billy helped me wind toroids at age 2!. He went with me to hamfests in Virginia and in London. 

Toroid by Billy (at age 2)

Here are just some of the blog posts in which Billy is a key player: https://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/search?q=Billy

This video demonstrates Billy's early interest in biotechnology: 

And of course, he is the guy who says "Ooo!  That's awesome" in all of the podcasts. 
Yesterday was a big day: We are very proud of our son Bill Meara who graduated with honors yesterday from James Madison University. Bill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology. In a few weeks he will be heading to Boston where he will start work at a neuroscience research lab of Harvard University.

2020 Virtual Graduation

Billy's mom, sister and dad watching the graduation 
Graduation:  Oooo! That's Awesome! 


  1. HARVARD!! Bill didn't raise no dumb bells. The beard looks good, Bill.


  2. Congratulations Billy! Even though we have never previously met or communicated, our paths have crossed numerous time over the years on your Dad's blog. Best wishes for a rewarding future!
    Bruce - KK0S

  3. Congratulations to both Bill's, each has much to be proud of. Best wishes to Bill on your future endeavors (either Bill, you decide)!! Ed KC8SBV

  4. Congratulations to you both!!!

  5. Congrats for all the hard work Bill Jr. You are destined for great things. Harvard WOW! And kudos to the folks for all the encouragement through the years. Cheers all around! mz lowell indiana

  6. Congrats to both echoed from ZL! Similar situation in my family tree: my Dad was Bill and his cousin was Billy! Broad grins all 'round!

  7. This is fantastic news. Congratulations. Walter AJ4UM

  8. Congratulations on the hard work in that major and to graduate with honors is even more awesome. The best is yet to come! Take care all and best to the family. Mark, W4MMR, Ph.D.

  9. Excellent news. Congratulations.

  10. Congratulations. That *is* awesome! - Jack 5B4APL

    p.s. Bill, those RG-174 whiskers seem to have migrated.

    1. Thanks Jack. Well, that is a lockdown project. And those whiskers don't short out circuitry! 73 Bill

  11. Well done to both Bills. You gave your son the opportunities to explore and encouragement, that make the difference.Congrats!!

  12. Congrats Bill! I hope Boston is a great fit for him; Harvard's lucky to have him.
    --T, R, & E


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