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Thursday, May 14, 2020

N5GTF's FULLY INDOOR Quarantine Receiver and Antenna

Mike N5GTF deserves special recognition for his truly remarkable SITS (Stay In The Shack) quarantine project.  It is not hard to build receivers and transmitters that stay in the shack; Mike went the extra mile by keeping even his antenna inside during lockdown.  Well done Mike!  But that cardboard frame for the antenna seems to be crying out for some sort of inspirational slogan.  Can we get a big "SITS!" in there?    73  Bill 

Hi Bill,

Thought I would share a few photos of what happens when one randomly selects things from the junk box after being inspired by Pete's recent posts about phasing SSB. It starts with a 10.7MHz crystal filter because it was large and shiny. This will prove to be somewhat inauspicious, but I'd had a pair of them for longer than I can remember...  Then there were several ferrite toroids and a handful of swap meet diodes. Instant mixers, (just add enameled wire). A few 2N3904s and an MC1350P, plus a few more toroids (and wire). I'd picked up some TDA1015s awhile back. They have both a power amp and a preamp, so one of those as well. Also, an Arduino and Si5351, because Charlie Morris, ZL2CTM, has been so generous in sharing his knowledge on how to use them. Finally, about 12 feet of 14/2 w/G and a 365pF variable cap for an indoor mag loop. 

Not the best reception though not bad considering the antenna's in the basement with house wiring and metal duct work in the ceiling. The biggest issue is the IF and my choice of LO frequency. I've got the LO below the IF and the LO second harmonic falls inside the 40 meter band. Definitely need to fix that and move on to the transmit side.

Visits to both SolderSmoke and Pete's blog are on my daily agenda. Thanks to you both for the frequent updates of interesting content and for providing a way to get out without going out.

Mike, N5GTF

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