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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Mike WU2D's Great Drake TR-3 Refurb Video -- Part 2

Mike WU2D made another very nice video about his Drake TR-3 refurb. 

He cracked me up when he noticed that one of the calibration oscillators was 30 Hz off.  "Let's pretend we care," said Mike.  Indeed. But it was probably wise to tackle this problem, given how upset modern hams seem to get with 30 Hz discrepancies.  Mike noted that the problem was casued by "aging cystals." Yikes! Another thing to worry about, along with the Southern Magnetic Anomaly. 

Once again Mike has added a useful term to our lexicon:   "The Dribble Method" of signal injection (or extraction):  Just wrap a few turns of insulated wire around the tube or IF can and inject or measure away.

Neutralization! Now there's a blast from the Thermatron past.  I haven't done that in a long time. I liked Mike's "reverse neutralization" method. 

Mike's video featured some real Boatanchor eye candy.   That Heathkit HR-10 receiver caught my eye, as did that HP signal generator. 

Thanks Mike.  One hand behind your back OM.    

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