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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Great Video on PC Board Techniques, with a Focus on Surface Mount

Wow, lots of wisdom in this video from Leo Fernekes.  Great hints and kinks on prototyping with copper clad boards. I need a Dremel just so that I can make Leo's board cutter.  And I can see that I need some of that liquid flux and isopropyl alcohol. Surf boards and headers! Who knew?  Teflon coating for the wires -- gotta get it. Glad to see that Leo is also a fan of copper tape.

His emphasis on the importance of stage-by-stage construction and testing is right on the mark.  

My only disagreement with Leo is about his use of steel wool.  I've found that steel wool will inevitably cause little tiny "Murphy Whiskers" to float around your workbench. They will eventually settle onto the most inconvenient and damaging place on your board.  So I have banished steel wool from my workshop.  Those green, non-metallic Scotch Brite pads work just as well and don't cause shorts. 

Three cheers for Leo. He is based in Thailand.  He has an interesting background and some really amazing projects and insights:  




Thanks to Tore LB4RG for alerting us to Leo's video.  


  1. Great video, I watched it when he first posted it and just watched it again it is so good.
    For liquid flux for small projects I like the Kester flux pens like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004X4KOWS

  2. Thanks for this Bill - I hadn't heard of Leo before. What an amazing teacher. His indestructible continuity checker is a marvel of simplicity - I am going to build one because it is cool!

  3. Lots of really good stuff here but heed Bill's advice. Don't go near wire wool.
    A better alternative would be a small block of Garryson "Garryflex" abrasive blocks (240 grit). It's the least course. It cleans copper board wonderfully - and it lasts and lasts.

    Tony G4WIF

  4. My favorite topic from this video was his advice on reducing "mental" or cognitive load by labeling connectors, etc. That theme is almost endlessly expandable.

    It looks like Leo is just starting his channel. There's seven videos there, and I hope he makes a lot more. BTW, it looks like he was using the steel wool on a kitchen or bathroom counter rather than in his lab.--Todd K7TFC

  5. Thanks for sending me down a very happy rabbit hole for a morning. What a great set of videos Leo has on his blog.


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