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Monday, September 14, 2020

A Regen Receiver Made with Homebrew Tubes

Wow, a regen receiver using homebrew triodes.  Makes me feel like such a pathetic appliance operator, what with all my STORE-BOUGHT TUBES... I hang my head in shame.  Real hams make their own tubes.  And vacuums, apparently.  

Here is how the tubes were made: 

Lots of amazing videos in this YouTube channel: 

Kudos to jdflyback!  (Who is this amazing homebrewer?) 


  1. But Bill, I thought you were making your own transistors. You're not??? Shame!

    THe last beam-deflection mixer tube I made turned out great. BTW, MUCH easier to make tubes, you can see the parts.

  2. I was hoping to see details of the spot welder used in the making of the tubes in the youtube channel. Note what appears to me to be a wine cork acting as a insulated compression spring. This young genius has a black belt in The Knack. Gil NN4CW

  3. This certainly outshines MacGyver.
    More along the line of Major Thomas J. "Long Tom" Roberts from the old Doc Savage stories.

    Bruce - KK0S


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