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Saturday, September 19, 2020

SolderSmoke Podcast #225: Mars, uSDX, G-QRP, HP8640B, DX-390, Rotary Tools, Walla Walla SDR, MAILBAG

SolderSmoke Podcast #225 is available


Mars,  West Coast smoke.

Pete's Activities: 
-- DC receivers.
-- CW offset
-- GQRP talk
-- The uSDX project

Bill's Bench
-- Sliding into the Vintage Test Gear Cult:  HP8640B . 
-- Fixing up and figuring out Radio Shack DX-390 receivers.  
-- 220 to 110 on a few remaining devices.     
-- Got myself a Dremel-like rotary device.  

Tech News: 
-- ARRL/TAPR Convention:  SDR project from Walla Walla University students.   Intuitive explanation for why desired and image freqs in a mixer come out with very useful phase differences.  

-- Chuck Adams' Amazing Lab Notebook.   Includes a simple circuit to measure resistance and Q in crystals.  FB. 


-- Dino KL0S  SITSing in his shack, homebrewing 9 MHz filters  FB Dino.  Airborne! 
-- Dave NT1U sent us the famous 1968 QST Article by W7ZOI re DC RX.  
-- Ron K0EIA listening to SWBC staions with uBITX.  
-- Ted AJ8T  Korguntubes making a 12AX7 equivalent.  
-- Joel N6ALT sent me a nice DX-390 manual.  Thanks Joel
-- Bob KD8CGH alerted us to the uSDX project -- story on the blog. 
-- Craig AA0ZZ Sent a great message with insights on computer code -- I will put up on the blog. 
--Tracy KN4FHX reports on optimistic prognosis for SolarCycle 25.  Some chickens may have to be sacrificed.   
-- Stephen M0OMO Thanks SolderSmoke for rekindling interest in this hobby. 
-- Paul VK3HN  has a cool new rig -- The Prowler -- check it out
-- Steve N8NM working on his Sunbeam car -- Pete already knew about the carburetor synch problem.  N6QW knows everything. 


  1. I agree that G-QRP did a phenomenal job with the Convention. I too was surprised and honored to be asked to be a speaker with my talk on the NanoVNA.

  2. Hey fellas
    I've been keeping an eye on Stitcher and this episode doesn't seem to have made it up there. Have I missed an important plot point? 73, Phil VK8MC

  3. Hey fellas
    I've been keeping an eye on Stitcher and this episode is not showing up for me. Have I missed an important plot point? Been wondering why no podcast since Aug 1. Sorry,t I forget to check blog regularly. 73, Phil VK8MC


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