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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Twenty-nine S-38s on Craig's List

This is almost like a nightmare.  I guess it could be worse -- they could all be E models. 


Thanks to Jim W3BH for alerting us to this, uh, opportunity. 


  1. LOL, I saw this too and am local to the poster, and immediately thought of your S-38E exploits Bill. Look at all those round analog dials, they are calling to you!

  2. I like how he stacked them, decoratively, in a checkerboard of models. If the name wasn't tied up in some filing cabinet in Texas, California, or Virginia (Northrop), you could buy them all and operate as Retro Hallicafters II Company for a little while.

  3. If you added up the IF bandwidth of those S-38s, it'd stretch all the way to the moon and back. Three times.

  4. Only 12 left now, he started with 30! _ . _

  5. April 1 joke...
    buy them all, and send them "FOB freight collect"
    to someone you really like.


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