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Friday, January 22, 2021

Jenny List's Favo(u)rite Things

Over on Hack-A-Day Jenny List (G7CKF)  has a really nice article about ham radio and homebrewing.  She truly has The Knack:  She got her start in radio electronics at age 9 when her parents gave her George Dobbs's Ladybird book.   


One of her paragraphs really seemed to capture the SDR-HDR conflict that we so often joke about: 

The age of the homebrew RF tinkerer may be at a close, at least in the manner in which I started it. Nobody at the cutting edge of radio is likely to be messing around with discrete transistor circuits in the 2020s, unless perhaps they are working with extremely exotic devices up in the millimetre wavelengths. It’s all software-defined radios, opaque black plastic boxes that deliver a useful radio experience on a computer but that’s it. No more homebrew, no more tinkering. 

Whew, good thing I'm not on the cutting edge.  It sounds kind of sad.  Oh well, that leaves more discrete transistors for us to tinker with.  

Jenny's Profile on Hack-A-Day: 

[Jenny List]: Contributing Editor and European Correspondent

Jenny List trained as an electronic engineer but spent twenty years in the publishing industry working on everything from computer games to
dictionaries before breaking out and returning to her roots.

She grew up around her parents’ small farm and blacksmith business in rural England, so making (and breaking) things is in her blood. Countless projects have crossed her bench over the years, though these days you’ll find her working with electronics and in particular radio, textiles for clothing and costume, decrepit classic cars, and real cider from first principles.

When she’s not writing for Hackaday she works on language corpus analysis software, designs and sells amateur radio kits, sits on the board of Oxford Hackspace, and is a freelance electronic design engineer and programmer.

Thanks Jenny! 

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  1. Jenny could be a good fit as a contributor to "The Repair Shop" TV series. :)


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