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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Pete N6QW and Steve G0FUW Talk to RSGB About Homebrew (Video)

Wow, what an unexpected treat!  Here we can watch Pete N6QW and Steve G0FUW talk to the Radio Society of Great Britain about homebrew radio.  Steve talks about kits and scratch-built rigs.  I really liked seeing his early rigs and his description of how building these rigs helped him become a more advanced homebrewer.  I also liked his mention of George Dobbs as a guiding light in the QRP and homebrew world. 

Pete focuses on SDR and provides a really great description of this approach to homebrew.  I was struck with how great it is that, after a lifetime of HDR building, Pete is willing to embrace this new technology. He talks about it as part of "a learning journey."  As always, he sets the example for us all.   

Thanks to Pete, Steve, and RSGB. 

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