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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Nick M0NTV's Really Useful SDR Transceiver (video)

Even though I am more of an HDR guy, I really liked Nick's SDR rig.  I like the modular approach, with all the modules inside a transparent plastic box (see below).  Don't worry about the shielding Nick -- I had the same concern about my BITXs in wooden boxes, but they worked fine. 

Nick really did a great job on the video.  The bloc diagram was especially useful, both on the hardware and on the software.  Very cool.   It is nice to use this phasing approach,  with the digital magic happening at audio frequencies.   I fear that soon FPGAs and direct digital sampling will take the hardware fun out of these rigs.  We already have a bit of that with the RTL-SDR dongles. 

Very cool how the Teensy takes care of the 90 degree audio shift.   I had to do that with chips in my phasing receiver. When I first saw Nick's bloc diagram, I was looking for the audio phase shift network -- then he explained that that was in software, in the Teensy. 

Nicks arrangement for switching the filters is very nice.  

Thanks Nick!  


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