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Friday, February 26, 2021

EI7CLB's Ladybird Receiver (George Dobbs Design), and Voice over the Internet


I suggested that Tryg once again gather the parts to build George Dobbs's Ladybird receiver.  He should use the same wooden base.  That would be great.  

As for VOIP, I told Tryg that SolderSmoke got its start in a VOIP program  called Echolink -- Mike KL7R and I used to converse from London to Alaska.   Mike recorded one of  our conversations, and that became SolderSmoke #1.  I was using VOIP even before that -- from the Dominican Republic in the mid 90's I was connecting my Radio Shack 2 meter HT to an early VOIP program Internet  Phone or I-phone.  The company that made it was an Israeli firm called Vocaltech.   

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the recent emails and podcasts. I have attached a picture of my first radio - or at least what is left of it. I plundered it for parts down through the years as you can see. It is the build from the late Reverend George's "Making a Transistor Radio", the Ladybird book that really put the hook in me all those years back. I was probably only 11 when my late Grandmother and I went to Dublin by train (300 mile round trip) to Peats of Parnell Street to buy what components my pocket money could afford in order to build the first couple of stages of the radio, The wooden base was cut for me by a worker at a local furniture making factory here in Galway. He got a great laugh out of it when I told him I was going to build a radio - he kept putting the wooden blank up to his ear and joking: "I can't hear anything yet!". I will always remember it.

On another front I wanted to thank Pete and yourself for an entertaining and informative couple of podcasts. I made the leap a couple of months back and bought a set of boards for a uSDX (W2CBA version) but I may just use it as a receiver if I ever get around to building it. I don't know yet. The kit that Pete mentioned in episode #228 really got me excited. I expect you can imagine that my imagination is running riot at the moment.

Finally, I would be interested to hear about your take on half duplex VOIP apps such as Peanut. I realise that it is not 'real' radio to many but I have enjoyed several contacts with operators around the world with it and it has been quite satisfying. These ops that I have spoken with have often been infirm, elderly or have mobility issues. There are also a couple that are under HOA restrictions. One OM in particular lives in a retirement village and is a full-time carer for his wife. I think it is a good thing that they can still be involved in radio without all of the physical demands it might make on them or annoying their neighbours. It might, at least, it might be a worthwhile topic for discussion. Thanks again for an excellent Podcast. BTW, I am a bit of a guitar nut too - is that a Stratocaster that Pete is holding in the picture on the Soldersmoke Blog Page?

Right ho, time to put the kettle on. Tea is a vital component for operational efficiency in my radio world!


Tryg de EI7CLB

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  1. The book can be find at https://worldradiohistory.com/BOOKSHELF-ARH/Author-Groups/G.C.Dobbs/Making-a-Transistor-Radio-Dobbs.pdf


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