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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Update from the Wizard of Wimbledon -- "Always listen to Pete"

In a recent podcast, Pete mentioned that Leo Sampson (the young Brit who is rebuilding the sailing yacht "Tally Ho") should seal the deal with his girlfriend.   Well, it seems that "life coach" should be added to Pete's already impressive list of abilities (homebrew hero, pasta chef, guitar player, etc.)  A while back Pete gave similar advice to Jonathan, M0JGH.   This morning, Jonathan reported in, confirming that Pete's advice was completely correct.  A "mixing product" arrived early in the lockdown. Congratulations to Jonathan and his remarkably radio-tolerant wife.  It seems Leo should be shopping for a ring. 


Dear Bill and Pete

I hope that you and your families are staying very well during these extraordinary times.

I wanted to thank you both for the reminiscent shout-out during the last podcast, whilst you were suggesting that Leo Sampson of sailing yacht Tally Ho should "seal the deal" with his girlfriend. If our case study is indicative of his future prospects, he absolutely should do! Not only are we happily married but we welcomed a bubbly baby girl into our family at the start of lockdown. (I note that hams refer to children as “harmonics”, but wouldn’t mixer products be a more appropriate metaphor?) 

Apologies for my radio silence of late. Circumstances have allowed me the rare and special opportunity to take more of a lead with parenting, and so my soldering iron has only been wielded for maintenance purposes rather. Your discussion about the intrigue of distant voices emerging from homebrew rigs has whetted this CW addict's appetite to build something for SSB or even DSB, and likely for one of the higher bands...

I feel that I should briefly stick up for the art of CW, though. As a keen amateur musician the ability to communicate through rhythm will always hold a special charm, particularly when you consider that many of my regular EU chums on 40 and 80 are easily identifiable by their “distinctive fists”. I recall a true WW2 spy story in which a double agent, I forget which, was rather unwell but still had to be carried into the radio tent to send his CW whilst lying on a stretcher, otherwise the Germans might notice the absence of this distinctive fist and realize that the game is up!

73 from Wimbledon


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  1. I am smiling a bit about Jonathan and the wonderful news about the "mixing product". Bravo OM. I am also smiling about 18 years hence when he discovers that absolutely have to have Prom Dress cost 300 Pounds. He then will shift his reference measurement standard as to how many ICOM 7300's something costs. My #3 son's college education was the price of 25 ICOM 7850's --but I did get a CNC machine out of the deal.

    Pete N6QW


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