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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

My Current Rig: The Quarantine Hodgepodge


As I continue to Stay In The Shack,  last week I was looking for something to do. This is what I came up with.   

Left to right: 
-- Speaker
-- Ramsey-kit QAMP20 modified for 40. I now have two MTP3055V MOSFETS in there.  
-- BITX40 Module with a solidified VFO from a Galaxy V (note the knob from a Drake 2B!)
-- Power supply 

It puts out about 15 watts SSB.  I was bracing for attacks from the 40 meter waterfall police, but no, everyone said it sounds great.  I had four very nice contacts yesterday.  It was fun. 

Still to do:  Possibly a San Jian frequency counter to give some Juliano Blue glowing numerals for the frequency readout.  This would be a step up from the Juliano Blue sticky note and  corresponding piece of black electrical tape that currently serves as the frequency indicator. 


  1. Spel az its sed? Even Google says San Jian is gobbledegook. Try Sangean.

  2. Dex: We go way back with San Jian -- Back to 2015!
    73 Bill


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