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Saturday, April 3, 2021

A VERY Successful April Fools' Day

I was worried.  It was early on the morning of April 1, 2021, and I had NOTHING. Maybe this  was because so much unbelievable stuff has recently happened in the world.  Or maybe it is because technology has been moving so fast that today's April Fools' joke is tomorrow's new device. Whatever the reason, for the first time in about 15 years, I had noting.  April Fools' Day has long been part of ham radio's culture and I was worried that I would not be making a contribution this year. 

Then something caught my eye.  Did you know that on Thursday they decided to change the rules of chess!  Yes indeed!  NO MORE DRAWS!   Fantastic!    This provided the inspiration for our announcement of the brutal FCC rule-making action regarding the banning of "legacy equipment."  

I knew that that headline would attract a lot of attention. And let me inform you that, according to the official rules of April Fools' Day,  if that headline did pull you in,  well that constitutes a "gotcha."  So far 1,758 people are in this category.  I thank you all.   

The comments attached to the announcement were really heart warming, even those that included profanity directed at my persona.  People recalled earlier April 1 events, like the time Pete was defenestrated from the QRP Hall of Fame.  Good times, my friends, good times!   

This was an especially happy April 1 for me, because I also launched two other highly successful operations: 

-- I teach a Zoom class.  On Thursday morning I told the students about new concerns regarding  the light hitting their eyes from the computer screens.  We were all being issued dark glasses and would henceforth have to Zoom with shades on (see above).  The students -- bless their hearts -- all agreed to do this.  

-- We are closely associated with a small company that has the word "native" in the corporate name.  As in "Native Vegetation."  Shockingly, last Thursday we got an e-mail from the Virginia Small Business Commission DEMANDING that we change the name of the company.  It seems that ANY use of the word "native" was now deemed unacceptable.  The people in this company (ALL OF THEM!) were really outraged by this.  I had to pull the plug before any legal actions were initiated!  

So, to all of you, Happy April Fools' Day!     

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