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Monday, May 3, 2021

A New Michigan Mighty Mite Oscillates in Northern Virginia

We are pleased  to report that OM Jack, NG2E, has successfully built a Michigan Mighty Mite transmitter, and has experienced JOO (the joy of oscillation). You can see Jack's prototype in the video below: 

Jack has his eye on more ambitious homebrew projects, but is wisely taking a step-by-step approach.  He described his plans this way: 
  1. Capture this MMM into a semi-permanent design: ie, perf board.
  2. Measure performance. What does the carrier wave look like on a scope? 
  3. Build a low-pass filter.
  4. Can I amplify the signal? Maybe add an amplifier stage or two. Transistor? 
  5. Next, let's look at receivers. Pete & Bill recommend that I build a Direct Conversion receiver. I know Peter Parker (VK3YE) has a simplified version


  1. Jack is a truly dangerous man. Note the "Self Repair Manifesto" on the wall over his bench...
    He probably melts solder (60/40) in his spare time, also.

    Bruce - KK0S

  2. Rest easy Bruce. That is actually the SolderSmoke bench of yours truly. Jack came by to visit. But you are right in being apprehensive -- his shack may soon look as bad as mine! 73 Bill

    1. Bill, my shack is a 4'x 3-1/2' desk which is also my work-from-home area. That gives me a precious 2' x 1-1/2' space for building. We take what we can get, I suppose.

  3. Beautiful analog power up drift there, let's hope it chirps just a little bit when keyed. There's no better sound on the bands!

    73Paul VK3HN.

  4. Nice looking bench. I too admired the manifesto, and Jack himself would be a good poster boy for the hobby; got that man's man air about him. Then I spotted the Folgers decaf can. Tell me its your mother-in-law's, Jack

  5. I've always loved the sound of the MMM because for some reason it sounds a lot like the vintage tube transmitters. Love it... 73


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