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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

TRGHS: K3ZO heard from the Dominican Republic

We arrived in the DR just yesterday, and this morning was my first chance to do some ham radio stuff. I fired up my old Sony SW receiver (the one with the busted BFO fine tuning control) and tuned to 20 meters. The very first station I tuned in (after adjusting the BFO with my Swiss army knife) was talking about the Cicadas.  He described weather similar to that which we had just left in Northern Virginia.  Then I heard the call:  K3ZO.  It was Fred Laun up in Maryland!  When I first came to the DR in 1992, the locals were talking about Fred as if he had just recently past through.  I learned, however, that he had been there during the 1960s!  He had left quite an impression.  He had saved one of the local hams during the 1965 political violence.   I gave that same local ham some Vibroplex parts so that he could fix up an old bug that Fred had left him. 

Wow, it was really cool to have Fred Laun be the very first ham I hear during this trip. The Radio Gods Have Spoken.   We need to spend more time (especially winter time!) in the DR!

I have a video of this listening session that I will post when we get back to Virginia. 

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