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Sunday, July 10, 2022

A Truly Great Book: "From Atoms to Amperes" by F.A. Wilson (Free Download)


This is a really wonderful book.  I'm glad worldradiohistory.com has found a way to make it available as a free download.  This is the kind of book that you want to download and keep available for future study.  The day will come, for example, when you will want to understand how Einstein's special relativity explains how that transformer in your rig actually works.  F.A. Wilson explains that, and much more. Here is the link:  

Thanks to Joefish for the heads-up. 


  1. Thanks for this, Bill. I just downloaded it. It looks like a good "revision" (that's British English for "review") of basic physics leading up to the electron. It's so *British*, from the use of initials for the author's given names to the spoonful of alphabet soup that follows his name. He also seems to have pleasing Faraday-like manner to his writing. Good toilet reading (I have an old Kindle I keep there).

  2. Thanks Todd. Perhaps a bit TMI, but, hey, thanks. Yes on the initials, but I think you will find some material in the book that -- sadly -- never makes it into mainstream electronics texts. Take this book on a trip! 73 Bill

  3. Well, not really TMI. In her novel-memoir, _Cheaper by the Dozen_ (1948), Ernestine Gilbreth Carey wrote about her parents, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, two well-known education and industrial-efficiency experts. They tried out many of their ideas on their own twelve children, one of which is apropos here.

    In their 1920s family bathroom, they hung a chart of the Morse code right in front of where one would sit, and they placed a practice key within reach. "Why not learn a useful skill while you can't do anything else?" Just so, it seems to me. I think some aspiring CW ops ought to take note.

    You're right, though, about being trip worthy. I'll take _Atoms to Amps_ with me to Spain in a few weeks. 73, Todd


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