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Friday, July 15, 2022

Jean Shepherd and Studs Terkel Talk About Radio on "The Big Broadcast" Sunday night 7pm-11pm


I'm home recovering from the second COVID vaccine booster (I feel OK, just a bit tired).  Our local public broadcast station, WAMU, announced that on Sunday night (July 17) from 9 to 11 pm EDST they will rebroadcast a 1962 radio show featuring Jean Shepherd and Studs Terkel.  They will be talking about the impact of radio on society.   

Looks like they will make an mp3 available after the show.  

I like "The Big Broadcast" and often tune in.  


  1. I hope someone records this (Bill?)...

  2. I think WAMU puts all the shows on-line after the broadcast. Should be good. 73 Bill


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