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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Apollo Core Rope Memory -- CuriousMarc Takes it on (video)

Here is another amazing Apollo video from CuriousMarc (AJ6JV).  Thanks to Bob KD4EBM for alerting me to this. We have recently been discussing the "Apollo rope memory" as I read Sunburst and Luminary by Don Eyles (ex K4ZHF). In this video Marc and his colleague Mike get ahold of some actual Apollo memory modules, develop a device that allows them to read it,  and they discover a design error.  Wow.  

My analog HDR head hurts after watching this.  Even Marc says he was approaching his limits in explaining all this.  

I had not heard of the bug they discovered in the Apollo 11 software just a month before launch, and how they had to climb into the Saturn V to fix it.  Amazing.  

Thanks Marc, thanks Mike and thanks Bob. 

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