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Monday, April 1, 2024

SolderSmoke Podcast #251 Aurora! CBLA, Winterfest, Legal Action Against SolderSmoke, HB sBITX, SDR, Raspberry Pi, Rounded Passbands, MAILBAG

Aurora Picture by Dean KK4DAS

SolderSmoke Podcast #251  4-1-2024

Audio: http://soldersmoke.com/soldersmoke251.mp3

Videos: Podcast 251 Aurora! CBLA, Winterfest, Legal Threat, sBITX, SDR, RaspPi, Rounded Passbands, MAILBAG (youtube.com)

Travelouge:  Dean goes to the North Pole to see Aurora. 

A CBLA Call to Arms! 

Winterfest.  Lots of goodies.  MXM Industries 40 meter transceiver. 1 dollar. 

Jean Shepherd. Recording of Bill talking to Shep in 1976.

Legal Trouble: Could put us out of operation for a while.  We need listener input. 

November 2023

December 2023


Pete's Bench

Homebrew SDR (based on Zl2CTM’s original design) and how good it sounds.

Raspberry Pi Zero W is now working on FT-8 with digital adapter.

Ferrite Cores at Digi-Key (a replacement for the FT-37-43 where  you buy 100 and the price is 21 cents/each)

ADE-6 –great specs in HF but more expensive than the ADE-1

For Pete's recent blog posts, go to this site and click on "Archive" in the right column: 



Dean's Bench 

sBITX progress, McGyver-ing a lifted pad, replacing crystal on the CODEC board, sBITX success! See: 



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Bill's Bench

More trouble with the 15-10 rig.  Rounded passbands in 25 MHz filter. See figure 4 in both links: 



Experimenting with Balanced Mixers and Product Detectors. Paul VK3HN  Suggests the MC1496 chip; Walter KA4KXX points to SSDRA circuits

But it is on the air!  Using the PA from a BITX40 module and an RD06.  

Put an OLD dial from Pericles HI8P on 15-10 version 1.  Soul in the new machine.

Pericles' Dial on the 15-10 Rig 


Grayson KJ7UM's Hollowstate video. 

Mike WU2D's amazing 10 meter DSB transceiver. 

Jack AI4SV (Dhaka Jack) liked video of recent QSO with AzoresDSB rig

Mike AA1TJ and Dave AA7EE on backwaves and 100 uW QRPpppp

Dave G3UUR  on my curved passband problem

Alan W2AEW heard my only QSO with the MXM indsutries SupeRX/TX40

Wes W7ZOI, Mike WN2A, Walter KA4KXX. Farhan VU2ESE on passband, 

Ramakrishnan sent article about Charles Proteus Steinmetz.  Beautiful. 

Justin AC8LV built a receiver!  FB. 

San Francisco QRP:   KDOFNR TouCans Rig, and N6ASD Zinc-Oxide TX

Frank KC8JJL -- Another guy who heard first ham sigs from a homebrew rig. 

Nate KA1MUQ's homebrew thermatron superhet

Dino KL0S sent info on the PAL CB VFO I picked up at Winterfest. Airborne! 

Bob W8SX will be once again doing SolderSmoke interviews at Dayton.  Thanks Bob

Peter VK2EMU  Always good to hear from him.

Tobias Feltus -- Wisdom teeth removed, wondering if he will get sBITX hallucinations...

Rick WD5L continues to work on his Herring Aid 5

Ciprian YO6DXE wants to learn CW. No alerts from his FB Blog!

Todd K7TFC -- Likes CW, says it eliminates the Blah-Blah-Blah 



  1. Bill, Pete and Dean,
    As always another superb Soldersmoke Podcast (saw it on YouTube).
    1) That dial on Pericles 15-10 Rig looks so much like the Yamada YN-7 that I use on two of my receivers.
    They are very nice, I am always on the lookout for these dials.
    2) Re: The 25MHz XTAL Filter: On "further reflection" I wonder if we can use a crystal or two as a transmission zero (a.k.a. Notch) just outside the passbands. This is an elliptical or Cauer filter. Not a conventional XTAL filter. Food for thought.

  2. Bill - I'm concerned to hear about the letter you received from the City of San Francisco. It seems like such an over-reaction. San Francisco most certainly has some serious problems, but they have nothing to do with stickers. Personally, I think the variety of stickers and labels on utility poles adds interest and character to an area.

    What can I do? Can I write a letter to the City of SF vouching for you? To whom do I address it? Please advise.

    73 for now,


  3. Snort! Ohhhh my, our mayor is up for re-election and it's led to all sorts of oddball things... an actual letter on paper sent through the mail about a sticker though... wow. The most insteresting instance of this so far—for us anyway—was that the administration barred all the street vendors from one section of Mission about two miles North of us. A few days later, the vendors turned up on our section of Mission, so, yay us! (The kids know a person who sells them bootleg Pokemon cards for a dollar a pack. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but these are awesome! They're indistinguishable from real cards except for the occasional image offset, and the health and attack strength numbers have been changed.)

    OK. The other thing I hear you saying is that the 13, (KO6BTY), 11, and 9 year-old here—who frequently use the kind of walk sign you pictured above as gym equipment for climbing and swinging—should NOT spread soldersmoke stickers all over town, because what a chance to be genuine hooligans, but no! Right?... right? :)

    Writing to the city and calling in to board meetings is another one of our hobbies. KO6BTY called into transit meetings for months to request that the MUNI board restore the 43 bus that she takes to classes up in the Presideo. The route had been shortened during the pandemic, but after many, many calls, they finally brought the bus back! She and I will be happy to send you our 'soldersmoke sticker' letters this week. Thanks for pointing us at another fun project ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Bill,
    As one of the members of the Antipodeian chapter of the IBEW I write to express shock and despair at the notion of Soldersmoke being subjected to such treatment by an officious city bureacracy. Your sticker is a true thing of beauty and could never be mistaken for much of the other sticker-trash that adorns my city's lamp posts.

    Could this be another strike in the battle to deny Right To Repair? Or a blow from the Tech Giants who will do anything to eliminate things that would take us away from sitting on our couches surfing, swiping and searching?

    Something smells fishy about this, with a hint of rosin.

    Before I put electronic pen to digital paper in a letter, perhaps I should *wait 24 hours*, and see if all of this looks any different in the clear light of a *new day*.

    Yours in IBEW solidarity, Paul VK3HN.

  6. Thanks for the IBEW/CBLA antipodeian solidatirity Paul! We need all the help we can get! 73 Bill N2CQR


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