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Sunday, August 24, 2008

AG5RS works Texas Balloon BLT-24 from Dubai

Payload Master Mike WA5TWT and the main payload for BLT-24

From our man in Dubai, Ron Sparks, AG5RS:

Hi Bill,

Yesterday was the annual South Texas Balloon Launch Team launch BLT-24. It went quite well and I was able to participate even from Dubai. This year they got an IRLP to Echolink to Repeater hookup going and I was able to Echolink to that ground repeater, then do a QSO across the balloon crossband repeater. So my signal went by "the tubes" all the way to Clear Lake Texas, then by radio wave up to the balloon at 90,000 feet and back down to everyone in about a 300 mile circle of Texas. Pretty neat. At the same time I monitored the APRS packets coming out of the balloon via the APRS web page in Finland, so I was able to have a map on the screen with real time GPS data from the balloon while I was making the QSO.

You have really bitten me with the QRSS bug and I want to build a beacon to carry up to A61Q's house and install. Sadly I don't know where to get any components here in the UAE (Soldersmoke listeners might know where to point me for local purchases?). So, I am putting together a "Bill of Materials" and will order it from Mouser in the US and have it shipped to me. I just know Murphy will probably cause me to miss one resistor or something and then have to wait another two weeks and pay for that much more cardboard to be shipped -- sigh.

All the best.

73, Ron, AG5RS
Ron also asks if anyone has any advice on how a foreigner might get a ham license in Dubai.

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  1. For AG5RS. About the QRSS beacon, most circuits use simple and available parts. You should be able to build one out of a CRT TV set scrounged parts (and put it on 20m 14318 kHz while waiting for a proper 30m XTAL).

    Don't forget to check with local authorities/experts if beacons are allowed.


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