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Sunday, August 3, 2008

SolderSmoke #89


August 3, 2008
Positano on the Amalfi Coast
QRSS: An Idea for More N. American Activity
Argo's bandwidth: .34 Hz
The New SolderSmoke Audio Filter
Knackered? Translating American to British
Kanga USA helps in Lake Michigan rescue
Google's "Back to the Moon" contest
Russia's Mars sample return mission
Apollo 11
Lasers from San Diego to the Moon
N0TU's slideshow (with Tuna Tin Two)
MAILBAG: K4QO on clubs without rules.
G0WAT names me "Hodeghog #4"
VE7SL ID's Mystery Military Radio
ZL2GX finishing Ph.D.
N5XL reports Tantalum shortage
G3WOE on Shep and 20 new BITX20s
W8OAJ is now N8WQ, building MEPT


  1. Hey howdy Bill and all at your QTH, nice to see a new S'Smoke up. I am on the road with my family in Vietnam. Brought along my ATS3B and some miscellaneous radio junk that all fit into a 2liter plastic pitcher nicely for QRP. Only problem is Hanoi! Mr. Nguyen, XV2A graciously is helping me through the hoops here to get the callsign XV2OC (Oscar Charlie is my 8mo-old son), but they are, in his words, "very mechanical" in their process. They insist on the CSCE from my VEC session back in the 90's. That ephemeral piece of paper, which is superceded by the actual license when it arrives--is something you should NOT throw away if you want to work in VN or other non-reciprocal countries. I have a buddy digging through my files back in the US now, looking for my scraps of paper in the folder labelled "Ham Misc." Let's hope I can get my puny QRP signal on the air here in Vietnam. I'll report on my progress.
    One more point that made me think of you right away--I ordered a BITX20 V3, I think it is, on Ebay. A mini-kit, because the parts are mostly extant at Chez 7J1AWL. The seller was in India, and a couple weeks later I arrived home to a most unique package on the kitchen table. My wife says, "Hey, you got something weird from India, Jonathan--um, it's probably more radio junk!" (Gotta love XYLs, the unsung heroes of homebrewing.) Anyway, the package was SEWN together and wrapped in cheesecloth with wax seals. Naturally I took copious photos of it--the sender, Sunil Lakhani, well-known over on the BitX20 yahoo group, also included a SDR PCB as a gift. Now I have lots more radio junk to come home to when I get done with this Vietnamese sojourn.
    I want to tell you to look for me on the air, but OM, it just might not be in the cards.
    Photos of the package http://www.flickr.com/photos/jonathancharles/2715635761/
    Best 73,
    Jonathan KC7FYS/7J1AWL dying to become XV2OC

  2. Really enjoyed Soldersmoke #89. Keep up the great work. I liked what you had about the QRSS grabbers and the space program of late. 73 de KD5NJR Scott


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