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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This image (by Michael Weasner) is very similar to what we see when we look at Jupiter through our six inch reflector telescope. Billy and I were up on the roof last night, looking at Jupiter and the moons. Sky and Telescope magazine publishes a nice chart showing how the moons will be configured each evening. Arnie Coro, CO2KK, in the most recent edition of Radio Havana Cuba's "DXers Unlimited" program mentions how easy it is to receive radio signals from Jupiter. I haven't tried that yet, but as a Knack victim, I feel the urge to do so.

We also watched OUR moon rise over Rome, and saw a satellite pass overhead. Saw some neat double-stars, and I taught Billy about averted vision.

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  1. Silicon Chip Magazine in Australia this month published a receiver for the NASA Radio Jove project. The receiver is for monitoring signals from Jupiter and is a lower cost alternative design to an American kit according to the article.

    This version uses the SA605D single chip receiver which has an FM detector. However this design uses the chip's RSSI for the purposes of AM signal demodulation.

    This is the first I had heard of th Jove project and might give it ago.

    Article preview: http://tinyurl.com/6dzzp6



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