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Monday, January 12, 2009

KD1JV's Surface Mount Video

OK SolderSmoke fans, here's a video for YOU! Steve "Melt Solder" Weber has put out his first video. It is about surface mount soldering. It is all very interesting, and some actual solder smoke is released, but I was a bit disturbed when Steve put the PC board on an electric stove and then started using this purple thing that looked and sounded like a hair dryer. Made me yearn for my Weller soldering gun. Great video Steve, thanks!


  1. Thank you for linking to this video.. I look forward to watching it (Converting to watch on my iPod on my commute home from work)..

    Jer - N1JER

  2. Here's two links to the presentation Mike Schettler WA6MER and I did at QRPacificon in 2007 on hot-air SMT soldering (SMT soldering links on last page):


    And a (very) short video:


    FWIW, SMT soldering paste doesn't have nearly the aroma of a fine rosin ;-).
    73 from Oxnard, CA

  3. Hey, the Pink Bomber is the wave of the future, Mike! It will never replace the soldering iron, but it sure beats anything when you're working basically at the molecular level with small components and pins the thickness of a hair.
    How can I get a couple of my photos into your slideshow, sir?


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