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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Frequency Counter. FIXED!

I mentioned my broken frequency counter... Tony Fishpool, G4WIF, of G-QRP sent me a replacement CMOS chip. The counter is now counting beautifully. It was a real chore to get the bad chip off the double-sided board, then I doubled my work by putting Tony's chip in upside down. It doesn't work very well that way. I did another chip extraction. By this time I had all kinds of lifted pads, broken traces, pins on the verge of breaking. I felt sure that all the heating and de-soldering had destroyed the CMOS. But no! It lives!

This was a very satisfying troubleshoot and repair. I feel like Dr. House. The whole thing was made even nicer by the fact that the repair part came from the junkbox of a friend. Thanks Tony!

Looks like the old counter is still well-calibrated. It has my QRSS sig at 10140070. ON5EX's grabber puts me at 10140050. So the counter is 20 Hz high. Not bad for flea market junk.


  1. Congratulations Bill.
    It is always satisfying to troubleshoot a problem and find the solution. Although, I know how you feel when you put the chip in wrong! It is kind of a way to humble us so we won't think we are too great. :) I know what was going through your head. "Oh, man! What a duffis!" Been there, done that. HI
    John - K7JM

  2. Thank you for putting the chip in upside down, and thank you again for tell us. Just last night I put a 2N3904 in backwards, so it is really nice to see that I'm not the only one!!!



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